The Queen of Procrastination

I remember some time ago that I said I was taking a little break from blogging because it was Christmas time and work was hectic.

It is no longer Christmas. It is March.

Where the fuck have I been?

I could go off on a tangent about work life getting in the way etc etc etc.

Let’s be real; let’s call bullshit.

I have been lacking in the motivation department (the motif of this blog) and instead of trying to change that and make things better I just got complacent and stopped drafting things or trying to think of new ideas.

The wait is over.

I have been having some ideas and I want to get back on the bandwagon of posting once a week here but there are gonna be some changes.

One of the things I realised while I was trying to brainstorm new ideas is that I find it very overwhelming to try and stick to a weekly schedule when I feel like I have to write a really long, wordy blog post that needs time and effort and drafting and re-drafting. That way of blogging is not feasible to me for a number of reasons but mostly because I have a shitty sleeping pattern and the time when I don’t have to work I want to spend it with friends or sleeping or doing some mad room clearout or cleaning in some other area- the latter of which is kind of weird, I know, but it helps me feel accomplished.

So, instead of these wordy posts I am gonna be posting less words and more pictures- which I’m sure will suit those of you with an internet attention span. While that does mean I will be putting the review/favourite type blogs on hold for the meantime, that doesn’t mean they will be gone for good (just for a little while, promise)!

One of the ideas that I have been mulling over for months and months and months is a Project 52, which is less stress than a Project 365 (I have already completed one and it was a bit of hassle to try and get a photo of something interesting every day). I have decided that I should just start this instead of constantly trying to find a better photo opportunity or trying to figure out topics and just go and do something instead of being the perpetual planner.

My Project 52 will start next week with the theme: Me, At the Beginning.

I also have some other bits up my sleeve but until this ball really gets rolling I am going to leave you all in blissful ignorance.

See you next week,