Your Reaction Makes the Difference

So, I had started writing this whole other schpeel about the atrocious events that took place in Paris on Friday, 13th of November.

Some of the reactions that I saw on the Internet in the days that followed really got to me. It upset me that so many people- some of whom were younger than me- seemed to be so uneducated and ignorant. Their posts were filled with racism and hate and I couldn’t fathom how they could think like that.

The post I had been working on before this one goes into much greater detail about how I feel or what I consider to be a good way forward; but then I thought “sod it.”.

When attacks like these take place, everyone becomes an expert offering their opinion as if it is the only one that is important or true. While I did say I wasn’t going to go into any mad detail here, there are some things that I feel are important to remember when we think about the tragic events that shook Paris, France and the wider world:

  • Refugees and terrorist are not the same thing
  • Violence doesn’t make these problems go away, it just feeds the cycle
  • Fear also feeds that cycle- don’t give these terrorist organisations what they want; be it credit for these attacks or to react in fear
  • We need to open our eyes to the fact that this is not an isolated incident. Things like this happen world wide on a daily basis. Start being selective about the media you consume.

I’m gonna stop there. I still get emotional when I try articulate what I want to say, plus the world doesn’t need another White Girl preaching about how I think we should live. As the title states, how we react is what makes the difference. React with love, hate, or fear, and you will be greeted with the same.

I choose love. Do not let terrorism win.

Until next time..


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