October Thoughts||Love List

October was a bit of a roller coaster ride of a month for me. It had good, bad and some downright surreal moments. I’ve been trying to make some positive changes in my life and though the road is long I know that it will be worth it in the end.

Now, for those of you who are familiar with Victoria Magrath of In The Frow, you will know that she makes a vlog love list of things she has been enjoying the past calendar month. I decided to take a leaf out of her book (you know me and lists!) and do a Love List for October. You can find Victoria’s October Love List here:

#1 What I Watched

This isn’t necessarily restricted to October but over the past month I have been loving Casey Neistat’s daily vlog. He is a creative genius and is always up to something cool. Check out this video that he made at the end of last month with Jesse from PrankvsPrank:

#2 What I Snapped

This photo was captured on the first day I remember actually feeling the October cold. I was helping my dad with the car when I noticed the way the sun caught the spider’s web on the wing mirror. The windows and mirrors could probably do with a wash though!

#3 Who I Loved

Megan Megan Megan. This girl is amazing. I have known her for such a long time and this past month she has especially been awesome to me. She is infinitely wise about things I’m only discovering and she also came and got coffee with me that one time I woke up drunk. If that isn’t true friendship, what is? You can find and follow her blog here!

#4 What I Wore

There are a couple of things I have been loving the past month but I think the winner would have to be my burgundy duffel coat from New Look. I got it in the online sale here for the bargain price of €35.99. It is warm enough to wear with just a top or t-shirt underneath but there is also room enough for a jumper on colder days.


#5 What I Did

Last month has seen me spend an abundance of time in Gloria Jean’s Coffees. I have also been reading lots! Amy Poehler’s Yes Please is what I am currently reading, but you can keep up with all the books I have read and want to read on Goodreads.

#6 What I Ate

Spinach! I have been loving spinach the past while. So good and versatile! #unintentionalpoetry

#7 What I Drank

I’m kind of addicted to Chai Tea Lattes at the moment but I’m trying to cut down. They are just so delicious, or as some friends call them “A Liquid Yankee Candle”!

#8 Where I Went

Dylan Moran’s stand-up comedy gig “Off the Hook”. I don’t actually have any photos from the night because I was too busy laughing my ass off with my brother a couple of friends, but a good time was had by all. Keep your eyes peeled for that in the coming months.


#9 What I Heard

The XX radio station on Spotify is a gem of a station! There is a great mix of tunes from The XX (duh) to MGMT to Arctic Monkeys to Florence + the Machine and so much more. Well worth checking out!

#10 What I Used

I’ve been really getting into listening to podcasts on my phone the past month or so as they help me relax before settling down to sleep and my favourite has be to Mike Falzone and CoffeeGirl’s Welcome to Our Podcast. They both just have such great voices to listen to and they are also awesome and funny. Go check those guys out too!


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