Dear Me

This is a tag created by YouTube in honour of International Women’s Day, and since I don’t vlog (maybe in future) I decided to blog it instead!

This is basically a letter to my younger self, imparting the knowledge I wish I had then, and to my future self; lest I forget.

Dear Me,

There’s a few things that I feel it would have been good for you to know (and good to remember), but these are things that one can only learn from experience and in one’s own time- regardless of how much you tried to learn from others. Here are just a few things that come to mind:

Give it your best shot: I know that sometimes it’s disheartening when plans or projects don’t work out the way you wanted, but keep going; it’ll be worth it.

Tell people you love them: whoever you love, let them know! It is so important to say how you feel and hell knows you didn’t do it enough in the past. Get on that.

You are stronger than you think: My past self has dealt with quite a lot, and yet my present-day self is sitting here talking about it. Give yourself some credit for dealing with hard times.

Be open to new experiences: even if they scare you shitless; you’ll never know where you could find yourself.

Risk it- without the promise of a biscuit 😉 : Some things just require that extra leap of faith.

Don’t apologise for who you are: You are the only you that you have, and you only have to answer to yourself (and Mom)

Don’t worry about things you have no control over: figure out what the worst possible outcome and develop a game plan for if that happened (it might not happen). Everything is easier to deal with if you feel like you have a way out if you need.

Be open with people, and yourself: Call it how you see it. Don’t stay in situations that make you unhappy for any longer than necessary. It’ll all work out.

Trust your instincts: They will very rarely lead you astray; remember this. Ignoring instincts in the past has made for some bad decisions.

Set goals and targets: And actively pursue them! You won’t get fit by sitting on the couch watching Moone Boy.

Don’t take it personally: If someone is getting ratty with you, it could just be their way of dealing with a bad day; unless it isn’t, in which case, don’t let them get to you!

Remember you’re not alone: You have the most amazing friends and family who are such a great support system if you ever need. They are more than willing to help and you’re more than willing to return the favour- don’t lose that!

Show people you appreciate them: Even through a text, people like to feel appreciated. Plus, did a kind word ever hurt someone??

Love yourself: Because if you don’t who will?

I think I better leave it there, past Laura had so much to learn and present Laura is so forgetful that if I made a definitive list of all the things I wish I knew/ I wish I could remember, I could be here all day!

Happy International Women’s Day! ❤

Until Next Time,



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