To My Friends

Welcome to another post that is long past overdue.

I’ve lost my voice so I have been housebound for the past two days and on top of that I’ve just found myself with more time to think lately and I have had some realisations. This post is probably one of the most important I will ever write.

I am currently convalescing from an illness known as being a shit friend.

Since leaving secondary school and having groups and routines split up, in addition to college and work timetables, it has obviously not been so easy to keep up contact with people the way i used to. That was inevitable, it was to be expected, right?

What is also expected is that when you begin a relationship with someone, you don’t spend as much time with your friends, if only for the first little while. Luckily for me (not) all of these changes happened all at once. I guess I knew this and I took advantage. Even though my relationship situation was a little different, I feel that in hindsight I still should have given more time over to my friends.

So this is an apology.

An apology for not giving that time as freely and willingly as I should have, for only requesting time off work to see him (not that that part is relevant anymore), for missing nights out and birthdays and all those other times that you asked me to hang out and I couldn’t for some silly reason or another.

There are some things in life that are way more important than others and they should take priority and I can’t believe that for over a year I didn’t notice what a key aspect of my life that I was overlooking, and I don’t think I will ever be able to express how sorry I am for that.

My friends also need to be thanked. The past few months have not been easy for me, and equally it must have been hard for them to not kill me while I bitched and whinged and over-analysed and I’m happy that they haven’t, though I will continue all of the above. Thank you for your everlasting patience, I am so grateful for that. You all will never know the extent of my love for you, though I promise to tell you how awesome you all are on a more regular basis.

I’m not going to start naming people, for fear of overlooking someone and living forever with that guilt, but just know that you are appreciated.

Much love ❤

Until next time,



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