Reflections and Resolutions

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long.

This past year has been so good for me. I got to go to new places, meet new people and gain new experiences. I went to see some amazing gigs and to see new films and all of those other things that people do.

There have  also been some experiences and events in the past year that haven’t been so great for me. I entered into a university course that was nothing like what I thought, and it ended up being a toxic environment for me to be in. The results of that course are the development of stress and anxiety that are much worse than I’ve ever had to deal with and I dropped out of university. The latter was a massive decision for me to make and I’m still trying to work through the problems with anxiety that have stemmed from uni. I dropped out at the end of November, and I had so much hope that December was going to somehow be the saving grace of 2014; that I could end the year on a good note.

December as it turns out was very much the opposite. It was much harder than what I had hoped and left me feeling really alone for so much of it. Sure, I had a good day on Christmas but that was probably the only good day in the latter half of the month, regardless of my birthday being the day after.

However,all of that is in the past. I want this new year to surpass last year, I need it to change. I’ve been unhappy for way too long.

I had hoped that by now there would be so much more to show on this blog than there is. December messed me up motivationally and now I’m lacking in that department. that is where I want the change to start, and that’s where the resolutions come in!

We are already one week into January so I’m late to the show (as per usual) but I have decided that instead of trying to overwhelm myself with changes (which is never a good thing for someone with anxiety), I am going to try to make one resolution per month. As of now, January is going to be the month where I resolve to get a better understanding of my anxiety and develop ways to manage it that actually work for me. If anyone reading this suffers with anxiety, please feel free to leave me a comment on how you deal with yours, I’m open to suggestions, I need all the help I can get!

As there’s no time like the present, I am going to get started on the booklet the college doctor gave me “Stress and Anxiety: A Self Help Guide”, so I better end this here. I hope everyone had a good holiday season and new year. Best of luck with any resolutions you might have!

Until next time,