20 Before 20: Revisited

Hello everyone!

With about 3 weeks left until my 20th birthday, I decided to revise my 20 Before 20 list; some things I have surpassed the target I set, some will be by no means completed, while others have simply become irrelevant. Those which I have achieved will be crossed out, those which are still relevant will stay and by removing those which cannot be achieved I will hopefully increase my chances with the rest. So, here is my revised list.

1. Pass my driving theory test: I have not even booked this and have barely had a chance to study, so while I hope to begin studying before my 20th birthday, this will definitely not be achieved.

2. Finish my Project 365: Done! It’s a weird feeling you get when you finish a photography project- a kind of emptiness sprinkled with the relief of not having to try find an interesting photo opportunity every day, which was especially difficult on lazy or sick days!

3. Become Fit: This 100% did not happen and trying to fool myself into thinking that the 3 weeks coming up to Christmas are when it’s going to happen is ridiculous! I’ll keep up what I’m doing so far, but I’ll give it my all from January on!

4. Visit a European city, or choose which city to visit: This is a tricky one for me to answer as I’ve had a couple of conversations with Ryan about this and while we haven’t chosen a place together I think that he has pretty much decided and that’s gonna be part of my Christmas present. While I’m kinda excited to find out, I’m simultaneously dreading it- I hate surprises so this is torture!!

5. Watch a new film fortnightly: I’ve watched way more films than I expected to so I’ve completed this goal ahead of time. The goal was to watch 10 films that I’d never seen before and I’ve watched 16 so far- there might even be more to come!

6. Make more time for old friends: While this has been difficult at times due to conflicting schedules and the like I think that I have given this a good go. I’ve really enjoyed reconnecting with my old friends and I’m hoping this will form a good habit for the future. I don’t want to cross this one out as finished as it wasn’t really a case of being a one-off thing as the rest more or less are. This one is continual and so it stays!

7. Read at least 3 new books: Accomplished. Currently reading my 5th new book.

8. Create something I’m really proud of: This came in the form of the secret Santa present I made this year. Obviously I cannot divulge the information about it as I’m not sure if the person I got reads this blog but I’m going to do a D.I.Y tutorial on it either closer to or after Christmas. I’m really happy with it and I’m excited to see their reaction.

9. Put more effort into blogging: College took a serious chunk out of my blogging time but I’m back on the bandwagon now and I’ve got some posts in the pipeline for the coming month so hopefully I’ll be more active here 🙂

10. Watch the sunrise: It is kind of pathetic that I still haven’t seen the sunrise. I’m gonna try make this happen, though I think it might be too late in the year.

11. Complete the mini marathon: I was working again this year so I have 100% failed this one as well!

12. Start driving lessons: In Ireland you can’t start driving lessons without your theory test done so until I get that sorted this is a no go for me.

13. Declutter my room: I’ve started this long process this week so it will be done before Christmas. There’s a great feeling about getting rid of stuff you don’t need; like a weight off your chest and the good feeling of donating whatever is still good to a charity shop so that’s helping other people too.

14. Get a new piercing: When I was in Belfast in August, I got my tragus pierced so this one is done and dusted. I have however taken out my cartilage piercing as it was getting really red and sore despite being fine for months. I might get it again a little further down my ear as since the first was done with a gun it kinda blew my cartilage a little bit!

15. Give up fizzy drinks: I was off fizzy drinks for about 2 months and while I still drink them now and again, I don’t drink them half as much as I used to and I’m hoping to cut them out for a substantial period of time in the new year.

16. Become more decisive: There have been some recent decisions I’ve had to make that were quite a big deal- one of which was deciding to drop out of college, so if that doesn’t count as me being more decisive than when I started this, I don’t know what will!! (I should have a whole post about this closer to or after Christmas, there’s a few people who I still haven’t told that I really should tell first!)

17. Become more patient: Like with #6, I have made good progress in this area but it is a continuing process. One of the books I’m currently reading (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff ) has some tips on becoming more patient and I’m trying my best to soak them up like a sponge 🙂

18. Make more of an effort with my college work: As mentioned briefly in #16, this is no longer relevant.

19. Become more adventurous with the foods I eat: Since writing my 20 Before 20 in July, I have tried things that i never thought I would, including duck and squid! This has definitely made me more open to trying new things for sure.

20. Get a list published on Listverse: I’ve had no joy with this so far as I haven’t really had time to find a topic interesting enough and then the time to write the list with the minimum amount of words. Hopefully I’ll find something in the new year that I can write about.

So, after revisiting my 20 Before 20, I have completed 8/20, 6/20 are now irrelevant or have been abandoned (for now) and the other six are either ongoing or hopefully going to be completed within the next 3 weeks. Wish me luck!

Until next time,



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