First Semester Milestone: Progress Review

Hello everyone 🙂

I am really neglecting this blog when it comes to posting, college and work are pretty much taking over my life but I’m trying to fit everything in. Part of the problem with writing posts here is that I usually write them in a notebook before I start typing so i know exactly what I’m doing and what i’m saying, not this is totally off-the-cuff for me; I guess I need to stop being so much of a perfectionist in my blogs if I want them to exist at all.

The past few weeks I have to admit have been really hard for me. I don’t mean just in terms of college either, I’m just getting really anxious about things that never used to worry me and I just don’t know how to deal with that. It’s tough going and it’s having an affect on my relationships with others, but I’m trying to work on it. Anxiety is a strange feeling for someone who has never had that kind of a problem before- I am completely sympathetic now that I have experienced it first-hand!

Last week saw the milestone of my progress review. This happens mid-way through the semester to see how you’re getting on with the studio project. While the outcome of mine wasn’t the absolute worst it could have been, I still wasn’t too happy with it. I was floundering in my work because I was trying to keep my tutors happy but by doing that I wasn’t happy. Going to L.S.A.D. was all i had ever wanted to do with my life and I spent half of the first semester not knowing what I was doing and I was miserable because of it. Today however, marks a change in thinking.

Over the weekend I had a bit of a meltdown- I won’t bore you with the details, just a personal rock bottom- I emailed my mentor. Mentors are different from tutors in the sense that they are not the ones that are going to be marking your work, instead they help you if you have any difficulties of any nature even if that means referring you to someone like a doctor or a counsellor.  They are basically a support that is there for you to lean on if you need it, and if not, you have the comfort of knowing they’re at hand if you need them.  I hit the jackpot with my mentor as he had previously been the Head of First Year and only left the role to fill in for L.S.A.D.’s Head of Art & Design as he has taken a job for the year with Limerick City of Culture. Mike (the mentor) is such a nice guy and really easy to talk to. After our chat this morning I came out of his office feeling relieved and that I had some idea of where to go from here.

If you follow my tumblr blog you will see I’ve had several changes of mind since the start of the academic year. This was part of the problem when it came to my college work as I was going through things so quickly nothing was being given a chance to develop and so no ideas that I had were getting off the ground. This morning’s chat has put my mind to rest as I go back to revisit some of the previous ideas that I overlooked in my haste to find something good.

A term often used in my uni is “vehicle”. This is in relation to how you convey your ideas; what vehicle are you using? In my case I have two strong potential vehicles that I might be able to tie together, those being shoes and books. This is going back to an idea I had a while ago about taking fairy tales and putting them in a modern setting- one of which involved Cinderella having her glass slippers draped over a telephone cable as seen in relation to a location where drugs are sold (I had a whole story I could go with here, but I’m not in art college to write stories and that’s kinda why I thought I should scrap the idea).  Shoes came up as an idea to revisit because there’s always so much that people can “tell” about a person from their shoes. Right now, I think I’m going to explore the idea of what if people’s stories were actually written on their shoes and that’s how you were able to tell so much about them. This telling of stories is how the idea of books ties in to the idea as well.

My, my this is a long blog post already. If anyone still reads this, could you let me know in the comment if you would prefer one long post once a fortnight or shorter posts scattered throughout the two weeks?

Anyway I think I’m gonna leave it at that for now. You can always keep up to date with what I’m doing on instagram or twitter too! Links are in the sidebar as always. I’m just gonna pop a few photos in now to keep you visually up to date!

Bokeh inspired photo on the way to college

Bokeh inspired photo on the way to college


Dewdrops on a spiderweb


Kilmainham Gaol


The 1916 Corridor, Kilmainham Gaol


Messing about with a close-up filter


Fish-eye lens fun with Nicole


The Milk Market


My current assignment-writing set up


The fish-eye lens in question

Taken during our weekend in Dublin

Pulling faces with Niamh and Conor

Until next time,



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