“What If?” My 1st Semester Project

Hello everyone!

The post I’m about to copy/paste here is taken from my college tumblr account. If you want to follow me there here is a link. That blog is purely art stuff and college related things but I’m gonna try repost all of those blog posts here!

Almost 2 full weeks of having this brief have passed and only now am I sort of coming to terms with it.

During last week we were given a form to fill in about how we understood the brief and whatnot. Understanding the brief was not a problem- it was only two words- it was where to go from there.

As a person who is cripplingly indecisive (I’m working on it), this project brief looked like it was gonna be a train wreck from the beginning. I tried brainstorming, it kind of worked.

Initially I was drawn to things that were of a historical nature. I had seen “The Monuments Men” earlier this year and the story behind it intrigued me; what if those groups hadn’t been established and all of the great works of art from before WW2 were obliterated? Maybe this would be a good idea for an art history paper or something along those lines, but it was going to require a tonne of research and then whittling that research down to the few pieces I could include. That, along with a lack of primary sources I could go visit meant that this idea fell flat.

I then thought what if famous masterpieces from the Renaissance in particular were done in a contrasting style? How would the Mona Lisa look if it had been done in a Cubist style? I began researching this idea but I soon became bored of that too.

I had done this massive diagram of art movements and artists from within those movements and it was wrecking my head to think about having to research all of these artists. I knew myself that I wouldn’t have the willpower to stick this out until the end of the semester so I decided to abandon this idea too. I did however use some of the images I found when researching to put on the wall space above my desk. Not a complete waste of ink!

On Monday I had my “Eureka!” moment- without the running naked through the streets part. One idea that I had though of while brainstorming the week before was “what if Star Wars planets existed alongside earth?” This was my starting point for the new idea, but instead I decided not to limit myself to just the planets- why not select some characters and vehicles and whatever else I wanted? I started drawing Yoda as I knew he was definitely a character I wanted to include in some shape or form. While I was taking breaks from drawing him I began a mind map of characters, vehicles, planets, species, weaponry and some occupations that are in Star Wars that I could include in this project.

I’m pretty happy with my decision to do my project based on Star Wars because there are an abundance of resources available and I don’t see myself getting bored of this any time soon. Hopefully this will be the last decision I have to make in terms of subject matter for my project!

On a complete side note I got this “Self Doubt” print from a friend this morning in the post. Anyone interested in animation (that’s what he’s doing!) should check out his blog: http://seanieblahblah.tumblr.com/

Until next time,



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