Mini Project: FEARS

Hello everyone!

Tuesday of this past week marked the second-day of the week-long semi torturous affair that is induction. I guess it was just a necessary evil.

Tuesday was better than some of the other days because people giving the talks seemed more aware that we were likely to fall asleep if they were any longer than 40 minutes! One tutor gave an introduction to our online portal in less than 5 minutes, despite the fact that he was given an hour. This meant that a lovely artist named Peter Morgan was given the opportunity to speak to us about a project he wanted us to take part in. From what Peter told us, a lot of his work comes in the form of a publication and he often collaborates with students to make these as unique as possible. Some of that work can be purchased here:

Our project was very simple: write or draw your fear(s). It could be as long or short as we liked, within reason obviously. I figured that this would be a good thing to think about; what is it that really scares me? What am I afraid of? Naturally I took part and my anonymous entry went into a box filled with other anonymous entries. You will however have to visit the exhibition in Ormston House from October 7th and recognise my handwriting to find my entry!

(out of focus on purpose! 😉 )

I will also be making a new Tumblr blog within the next week to comply with college requirements but I will still post all college work here too! I will link the new blog as soon as it’s created!

Until next time,



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