“What If?” My 1st Semester Project

Hello everyone!

The post I’m about to copy/paste here is taken from my college tumblr account. If you want to follow me there here is a link. That blog is purely art stuff and college related things but I’m gonna try repost all of those blog posts here!

Almost 2 full weeks of having this brief have passed and only now am I sort of coming to terms with it.

During last week we were given a form to fill in about how we understood the brief and whatnot. Understanding the brief was not a problem- it was only two words- it was where to go from there.

As a person who is cripplingly indecisive (I’m working on it), this project brief looked like it was gonna be a train wreck from the beginning. I tried brainstorming, it kind of worked.

Initially I was drawn to things that were of a historical nature. I had seen “The Monuments Men” earlier this year and the story behind it intrigued me; what if those groups hadn’t been established and all of the great works of art from before WW2 were obliterated? Maybe this would be a good idea for an art history paper or something along those lines, but it was going to require a tonne of research and then whittling that research down to the few pieces I could include. That, along with a lack of primary sources I could go visit meant that this idea fell flat.

I then thought what if famous masterpieces from the Renaissance in particular were done in a contrasting style? How would the Mona Lisa look if it had been done in a Cubist style? I began researching this idea but I soon became bored of that too.

I had done this massive diagram of art movements and artists from within those movements and it was wrecking my head to think about having to research all of these artists. I knew myself that I wouldn’t have the willpower to stick this out until the end of the semester so I decided to abandon this idea too. I did however use some of the images I found when researching to put on the wall space above my desk. Not a complete waste of ink!

On Monday I had my “Eureka!” moment- without the running naked through the streets part. One idea that I had though of while brainstorming the week before was “what if Star Wars planets existed alongside earth?” This was my starting point for the new idea, but instead I decided not to limit myself to just the planets- why not select some characters and vehicles and whatever else I wanted? I started drawing Yoda as I knew he was definitely a character I wanted to include in some shape or form. While I was taking breaks from drawing him I began a mind map of characters, vehicles, planets, species, weaponry and some occupations that are in Star Wars that I could include in this project.

I’m pretty happy with my decision to do my project based on Star Wars because there are an abundance of resources available and I don’t see myself getting bored of this any time soon. Hopefully this will be the last decision I have to make in terms of subject matter for my project!

On a complete side note I got this “Self Doubt” print from a friend this morning in the post. Anyone interested in animation (that’s what he’s doing!) should check out his blog: http://seanieblahblah.tumblr.com/

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Don’t Force It

Hello everyone!

After writing a new blog post a couple of days ago, I was really in the mood for writing, so I thought I’d try a second one.

It didn’t go well.

Since my blog is still quite new, I decided to experiment: a favourites blog. I quite like watching these sort of vlogs on Youtube, so I figured how hard could it be to make my own?

Incredibly so.

I tried. I didn’t get very far but I did give it a go. It just felt so weird and not me and false.

One thing that being a creative-minded person has taught me is that even though creating is important, things should never be forced. When you force things they aren’t genuine and this is evident to those who are familiar with your work through whichever medium it is that you use. Even on a personal level it feels wrong, like you’re trying to convince yourself that this style is yours, when it’s not.

This has been an experience that has offered me a lesson, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Moral of the story: just because you like to read a certain type of blog doesn’t mean you can write like that; but, just because that genre doesn’t suit you it doesn’t mean that your work in inadequate- just different.

Until next time,


Mini Project: FEARS

Hello everyone!

Tuesday of this past week marked the second-day of the week-long semi torturous affair that is induction. I guess it was just a necessary evil.

Tuesday was better than some of the other days because people giving the talks seemed more aware that we were likely to fall asleep if they were any longer than 40 minutes! One tutor gave an introduction to our online portal in less than 5 minutes, despite the fact that he was given an hour. This meant that a lovely artist named Peter Morgan was given the opportunity to speak to us about a project he wanted us to take part in. From what Peter told us, a lot of his work comes in the form of a publication and he often collaborates with students to make these as unique as possible. Some of that work can be purchased here: http://www.roadbooks.ie/

Our project was very simple: write or draw your fear(s). It could be as long or short as we liked, within reason obviously. I figured that this would be a good thing to think about; what is it that really scares me? What am I afraid of? Naturally I took part and my anonymous entry went into a box filled with other anonymous entries. You will however have to visit the exhibition in Ormston House from October 7th and recognise my handwriting to find my entry!

(out of focus on purpose! 😉 )

I will also be making a new Tumblr blog within the next week to comply with college requirements but I will still post all college work here too! I will link the new blog as soon as it’s created!

Until next time,


New Beginnings: Back to College

Hello everyone!

It is strange to go more than a week without blogging since I became so used to it during BEDA (Blog Every Day: August). It has left me feeling like I should’ve been blogging more- which is probably a good thing. 

Today marked the start of a chapter in my life: university. 15 years of formal education under my belt and here I am, preparing myself for at least four more. But hey, at least at this stage I have a fairly good idea of what I like doing and hopefully that won’t change after all this time. 

For people who are new here, I’m just after starting in L.S.A.D.- Limerick School of Art & Design. Right now, I’m hoping to pursue graphic design (formally known as Visual Communications- Vis. Comm. for short) but that could change within this first semester, I’m trying to keep an open mind!

For the first 12 weeks or so, the 1st year students are given free reign of all 8 disciplines the college has to offer, and so I’ll be able to choose what medium I use for my work and what I’m good at. This is one of the reasons I was more inclined to go to L.S.A.D. as opposed to other Art colleges. I think that this time is so crucial and making a good decision that is right for you not only now, but in the future is so important. I love that this college allows you to explore media that you may not have previously been subjected to. It’s one of the most clever ideas I have come across in a university. I’m looking forward to trying out all of these new disciplines.

With the good comes the bad, and the part of going to art college which I love to hate is buying supplies. I was pretty fortunate that I did the one-year art portfolio last year though as I had quite a bit of the materials required for this year since then. But alas, there were still things I needed to buy. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting new art supplies; from the crisp blank pages of a new sketchbook, to markers that haven’t yet their colours muddied- the part I hate is the price! With 15% off, I still managed to spend €80 on a handful of supplies. There were no sketchbooks, pencils or pastels included in this. It was mostly just paints (the good Daler-Rowney kind) and some other “essentials” that I will hopefully get the use out of!


Some of the aforementioned supplies

Some of the aforementioned supplies

There are also the astronomical fees (these are incredibly small in comparison to the fees in the U.S. and Canada for example). I’m hoping to get a grant for these, otherwise I face being in debt for all of my 20s/30s which would be no craic. So I’m crossing my fingers… and toes and eyes and arms and legs!!


Today also meant meeting people from my course last year- it’s always good to see familiar faces at this sorta thing.

Yesterday, I thought this week was gonna be terrifying for me, now I’m pretty okay with it 🙂

Until next time,