#BEDA August 31st: The Best Thing This Month

The last day of #BEDA! Sad to see it over and I know I got a little behind in my posts and stuff but I still really enjoyed doing this. Thank you, Emma!

Today’s topic is the best thing this month. For me, the best thing this month was my 10-day trip to Belfast to see Ryan. I ended up spending so much time with Emma there, hanging out with the boys was good- I love getting to know them better. We also went to Chris and Alannah’s wedding and a heap of gigs. It was so good.

The day before I went home was also the day that I found out that I got into LSAD. I love that I was able to share that moment with Ryan, even though he was mostly asleep! Just an incredible feeling to be at the start of yet another new journey; to make new friends and create new art and just be happy in what I’m doing.

I was just so happy that I could get to spend that time with people I love and who I get to see way less than I would like.

Another great thing that has happened this month was being able to link up and connect with other bloggers who i otherwise would not have known about. It really gave me an insight into the lives of others and I’m appreicative of the opportunity to do that.

I guess that’s it for #BEDA.

Until next time,




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