#BEDA August 23rd: Something I’m Looking Forward To

Hello everyone!

I’m finally back on track with my posts for #BEDA, I just needed some time to recover from two long shifts after ten days off!

Today’s topic is something that is hard for me to answer, not because of a lack of things to look forward to, but because there are so many. I will, however stick within this calendar year.

  • Starting Uni/College: This will the first year I do of a (hopefully) four year degree and I’m really looking forward to starting it and being exposed to different things and being surrounded by creative people again.
  • Seeing More of Ryan: We try see each other every 4-6 as that’s really the only way we can get this to work at the moment with both of us working and since I was in college all of last year and I’m going back again in September. This suits both of us pretty well and I think that we appreciate our time together more as a result, but it would be good to have some more freedom as to when we see each other.
  • Imelda May concert: This will also be one of the times I get to see Ryan as he got me the ticket for our anniversary! I love her voice and style, AAAAAAND she seems really sound in all of her interviews so I’m really looking forward to that.
  • Last but most certainly not least, Seeing Mary at Christmas: Yesterday Mary flew back to U.A.E. and the next time I will properly see her (as in not on a screen) will be in 4 months when she’s home at Christmas time, which naturally is the busiest time for me in work. T’is the season and all that!

So what are you guys looking forward to? Can’t wait to read your posts!

Until next time,



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