#BEDA August 20th: Best Thing This Year

Hello everyone!

Today I’m gonna talk about something that I have mentioned briefly in previous posts, but now, more in-depth. This of course is about my portfolio.

This is one of the things that I’m most proud of in my life thus far. It was quite a difficult year, but in a good way. I was given projects that pushed my self-defined boundaries and I was exposed to completely new disciplines- some of which I loved (Graphic Design) and some others, not so much ( Lifedrawing)!

It was also a hard year due to other people in my course. There was a couple of people who started out as friends only to show their true colours later on through the snide remarks they would make about my work- sometimes behind my back, sometimes to my face. I’m not somebody with a lot of self-confidence in either myself or in my work and when people decided to tear me down so publicly, without any hint of misconception or remorse, it hurt. This however just served to fuel my fire and make me want to prove them wrong all the more.

I also made the decision to drop a mandatory module. This was so I could spend more time on my portfolio.My peers and tutors didn’t like this decision- my peers thought I wasn’t gonna do any work and tutors thought it was dumb of me to leave out a module and therefore not get the full award of the course. While I wanted to pass the entire course, I think I made the right decision. I got two extra weeks to get my work up to standard and to start some new pieces too. I don’t regret my decision at all.

In the end, I got 510/600 and along with my A Levels/ Leaving Cert. results, I have a grand total of 935 points and have all of the other entry requirements met. My points exceed last years entry points by 320 points, and as of Monday, I got accepted into LSAD. I couldn’t be happier. Hard work pays off and even though the journey may be long, it’s always worth it.

Until next time, 



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