#BEDA August 16th: If I Won the Lotto

Hello everyone! 🙂

With this topic you can literally let your imagination run wild; until you drag yourself back to reality. I know some things on this list are gonna be clichés, but I’m hoping to give them a little twist.

Right, so if I won the lotto…

1. I wouldn’t tell anyone beyond my immediate family about it. one thing that I think ruins lives is people only wanting to know you because of your money. I would want to stay as secretive as possible, just because I wouldn’t want people changing their opinions of me because of wealth. 

2. I would sort out any loans I may have. Right now, I’ve never borrowed more money than I can return within a couple of weeks, and never to the point where I’d be skint after the return either. If I was to win the lotto however, I would blitz any student loans or otherwise that may have cropped up between then and now. I would also do the same for my immediate family.

3. Do some serious research BEFORE donating any money to charity (this was one of the clichés with a twist!). Recently, I’ve seen or heard so much about directors of huge charitable organisations earning more than what goes to the people who need it, and to be honest it makes me sick. If people know you as being somebody who helps others, then don’t be an asshole and lie about it. If I couldn’t find a suitable charity, I’d create one.

4.Quit my current job (if that was the job I still had, that is.) There is nothing fulfilling about going to a job that doesn’t interest you in any way. I pack shelves in a supermarket- not really the most exciting job, but it’s a job for now. If I was still in that job at the time I won the lotto I would quit as soon as that money was in my account. 

5. Buy some stuff that would help me develop creatively like a printing press and Photoshop.

6. Complete my dream holiday list from yesterday’s post. I might even get frequent flier miles!

7. Limerick has a bit of a problem when it comes to addiction. Lots of people find themselves caught up in that lifestyle not knowing how they got there and with no obvious way out. I would really like to help those people, and do more for Limerick generally speaking. A lot of good people live there but they all seem to want to leave. If I won the lotto I would hope to give them the choice to stay.

8. Provide better facilities for recycling and other schemes that would help the environment.

9. This last one is a little bit odd- as a 15/16 year old I became obsessed with teapots (the obsession has lessened now, but not disappeared) and one of the things I wanted to do was sell unique tea pots in what my friend Simmy dubbed “Little Laura’s Tea Pot Shop” I would probably try to make that a reality.

That’s my list! I love lists!

Until next time, 



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