#BEDA August 15th: Dream Travel List

All caught up! 

This is yet another list which could go on forever, if I actually had one! While the topic is “dream” travel list, I think I’m keeping mine pretty realistic in the sense that I think I could go to all these places some day. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow; but soon!

In no particular order:

Iceland: This is mostly to see the Northern Lights which are apparently very visible from Iceland. It is also much closer than Alaska! I was going to go with my Godmother, Ann (she is absolutely wonderful!), but unfortunately herself and a friend have decided to go to Norway to see them later this year and I really couldn’t get any time off work. Bummer!

Amsterdam: Not because I’m a pothead, before anyone casts aspersions, haha. Amsterdam is one of the settings for a John Green novel-turned-movie that hit cinemas earlier this summer, better known as “The Fault in Our Stars”. I love that even though I was only sitting on a sofa reading that book I was transported to another city. I want to go there and experience it first-hand now.

Poland: The history of this country intrigues me, and I have been interested in it since I started studying history in Secondary school. I really want to go to Auschwitz. For historical purposes, it is said to be a real eye-opener. I think that it is incredible to be able to have the opportunity to go see the ugly side of history- and not to forget the atrocities that this world has bore witness to.  

Sharjah/Dubai:  As mentioned in my 10 Years from Now post, Mary, my sister is currently living in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. I would really love to go see her in a couple of years if she is still there. She says that Dubai is a place you have to see to believe- a huge, fake, pop-up city in the desert; but again, I wanna see for myself.

European Cities: I would love to be able to afford to take a summer off work and travel to different cities within Europe; Paris, Berlin, Venice, Prague, Krakow, Barcelona, Geneva etc etc etc. These cities are known for being uber culture-filled and as a wannabe art student I would love to be able to go and soak it all in. I might even find some lesser known places to sneak off to on holiday!

So, that is my (hopefully a reality) dream travel list.

Until next time,



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