#BEDA August 13th: Where I Live

I was at a wedding on Wednesday and was hanging out with Emma (outmumbered herself) all of yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to do those posts! Please don’t kill me! You’re getting three today instead 🙂

Wednesday’s topic was the place where I live. I’m pretty happy with this one because this year Limerick is the city of culture and there have been little changes to the city streets which I am loving… I’ve taken the liberty of picking just a couple of places, otherwise this could be a long blog. So without further ado, Limerick.

1. The Milk Market: This place has really taken off in the past few years. This has come with the addition of the roof over the internal square nicknamed “The Big Top” (since it looks like a a circus tent). As well as the weekend market (which I managed to get absolutely no pictures of because of work! 😦 ) the market square now holds gigs and last summer they decided to begin film screenings called “Movies at the Market” event  where 3 films are shown on 3 different nights on a big outdoor projector. I managed to get to one last summer (Rocky Horror) and it was great! Well worth a visit. 

The Milk Market

The Milk Market

2. The Locke Bar: A favourite among locals and tourists alike is The Locke Bar. I personally love this bar as it always has live music, often trad. It also has outdoor seating next to a tributary of the Shannon which is absolutely divine to sit at during long hot sunny days with a pint of Kopparberg (or a pint of your choice!)

The Locke Bar

The Locke Bar

3. Marco Polo: Marco Polo is one of the cool little places that has popped up in Limerick pretty recently. Really good food at a really good price. Great for lunch with friends or date night with the other half.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

4. The Hunt Museum: The Hunt Museum is one of my favourite places  to go if I want to spend an afternoon surrounded by art. While several other locations have been used for exhibitions lately, this will always be one of the best. The Hunt has been home to some great photography exhibitions in the not-so-distant past, two of my favourites were Gerry Andrews’ “Shaped by History” and Cormac Byrne’s “Faces of Limerick”.

The Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum

5. The George Boutique Hotel: This a favourite place of mine to hang out. I’ve never had a reason to stay there but have sat in the smoking area many a time drinking tea while the gang smoked. Those were the secondary school days, these days I’ve become familiar with the cocktail menu. Allouettes are immense.

The George

The George

Finally, here are some of the recent graffiti images that have been appearing around the city: 

Until next time,



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