#BEDA August 11th: 5 Favourite Films

Morning everyone! 

Today’s topic is films, and for anyone who knows me (or has read my 20 before 20 post) will know that I’m not an avid film-watcher by any means, but I’m sure I can think of 5 favourites. In no particular order:

About Time: Director: Richard Curtis 

Rush: Director: Ron Howard

Psycho: Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Now You See Me: Director: Louis Leterrier

The Monuments Men: Director: George Clooney


I know that most of those films are recent but they’re just the ones that spring to mind right now. I did a History project for the Leaving Cert (A Levels etc.) on Hitchcock films and fell further in love with his work, so he definitely deserved a mention. 

I’m not so good at picking all-time favourites rather than films I’m currently enjoying or have recently (enough) seen in the cinema, but if you ask me my favourite Christmas film,  The Muppets Christmas Carol wins every time!

Until next time, 



8 thoughts on “#BEDA August 11th: 5 Favourite Films

    • internetbrunette says:

      Now You See Me is awesome, I waited so long for one of my friends to go to the cinema to see it with me I nearly went alone… Desperate times and all that. Even though those films aren’t numbered, Rush is probably my favourite out of them; such a thrilling film!

    • internetbrunette says:

      Do it right now! I made himself watch it and he’s been singing its praises ever since. It a great film in all aspects; the casting could not be better, the soundtrack is great (based in the ’70s so how could you go wrong?) and I couldn’t fault in cinematographically speaking either. Top notch film!

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