#BEDA August 9th: 15 Things that Make Me Happy


First and foremost I would like to wish my lovely friend Megan a happy 20th birthday. Have a great one 🙂

Today’s topic is 15 things that make me happy, besides the obvious family and friends. This is gonna take a bit of thinking! Hopefully I can get to 15!

1. Drawing: Obviously only applies when I have the inspiration or motivation! I love spending hours getting lost in a drawing- something which happened while doing my A1 Self- Portrait for college



(sorry about the shine, it’s impossible to get a perfect shot of a pencil drawing!)


2. Playing guitar: Something I don’t really have much time for nowadays but I try playing every 2-3 days so I don’t lose it!

3. Reading: Is there anything better than curling up with a good book?

4. Listening to the rain: Specially when I’m tucked up in bed… or not too far from home!

5. Hugs: They’re good for you! 

6. Dancing: Preferably with Caroline, my lovely mom in the kitchen!

7. Sunday Morning Radio: They always play old music on Sunday mornings on the local station. This usually provides the music for the dancing and there’s always a few tunes by The Beatles thrown in!

8. Music generally speaking: Some songs just make you happy! Born to Run, The Spirit of Jazz, Summertime, The Pursuit of Happiness and Romeo & Juilet are just a few of those songs.

9. When I take a photo and it comes out perfectly.

10. Crocheting: Just one of those things that’s incredibly relaxing. I’m not too advanced though so I usually just make a huge square. Blankies for all!

The current crochet project

The current crochet project


11. Winter Evenings: Cuddled up with a cuppa by a roaring fire watching something/ reading/ crocheting!

12.Tea: Does this even need an explanation?

13. Completing a to-do list: Accomplishments!

14. Being surrounded by creative people: I just get so pumped and inspired by others. I miss being that motivated by other people.

15. Going to the Beach: I love beaches so much. Especially when they’re completely deserted!

The house/ garden are full of shells!

The house/ garden are full of shells!

Phew! I have made it to the other side. I should look at this list when I’m sad now that I’ve got it. Lots of reasons to be happy!

Until next time, 




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