#BEDA August 8th: What’s In My Bag?

Very much in the swing of blogging everyday now. I’m really enjoying it 🙂 

The topic is pretty much self-explanatory so here is what’s in my bag!

The Bag: The current bag that I’m using is more of a backpack than a handbag, it’s just easier to take things to and from work in this as it’s more spacious. I got it in New Look in June when they had a sale on, now for what’s inside!

  1. Purse (obviously)
  2. House keys
  3. Safety knife and locker key (for work)
  4. Reusable schuh bag
  5. A litre bottle of water always at varying stages of fullness
  6. A mini anti-perspirant (Nivea Pearl and Beauty)
  7. Several old receipts
  8. An umbrella
  9. Some pocket-sized Kleenex
  10. A packet of clove rocks I got at The Giant’s Causeway (in June!) I should probably chuck those out…
  11. Some Ibuprofen
  12. My iPod
  13. The notebook I write my blogs in plus a pen
  14. Last but not least, the book I am currently reading which is Jeffrey Eugenides’ “The Virgin Suicides”.


My bag & its contents

My bag & its contents

And that’s my bag. 

Until next time,



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