#BEDA August 7th: 10 Songs on My Playlist

Hello! 🙂 

Today’s topic is about music and 10 songs on our current playlist. I’m not a user of Spotify, I must be the only one! It’s super hard for me to choose just 10 songs, I don’t even use playlists on my iPod, it is just constantly on shuffle.

I’m having trouble updating my music at the moment because of a new computer and the whole syncing with iTunes issue, so I haven’t put new music on my iPod for ages. So, this list is gonna be a compilation of old(ish) stuff on my iPod and a couple songs that I have been loving from the radio/Youtube.

1.Sloppy Seconds- Watsky 

2. Call Them Brothers- Regina Spektor ft. Only Son

3. Stolen Dance- Milky Chance

4. Flume- Bon Iver (Kulkid Remix)

5. Forever- HAIM

6. Inside Out- Imelda May

7. Romeo & Juliet – The Killers (originally by Dire Straits)

8. Sleeping Sickness- City & Colour

9. The Diamond Church Street Choir- The Gaslight Anthem

10. Somebody Told Me to Feel Good- Gorillaz vs. The Killers

That is my list! Out of the whole thing I would really recommend Sloppy Seconds (because even if you don’t like that type of music the video is immaculate) and Somebody Told Me to Feel Good (because that’s probably the best mashup I’ve ever heard).

Until next time,



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