July Films and a Quick Update

It’s a Thursday evening and I’m off work for a change and so I decided that I should try following my 20 Before 20 and get posting here.

In my 20 Before 20 post I mentioned wanting to watch more films and to read at least 3 new books, and progress has been made! On the film front, I have watched four films (which are new to me) since the start of July. These are:

The Fault in Ours Stars (2014) – I was going to blog about this on its own, but I figured it would be better to talk about it in a Mini Reviews type thing instead. I went to see this film on July 1st (Happy Canada Day!) with my friend Niamh. I had read the book as soon as I possibly could after it was released. I have a massive love for that book (as I do with all of John Green’s work) and I was really excited to see the film. On watching it however, there were some aspects of the book that were left out, despite John Green’s constant presence onset and involvement with the script. While this shouldn’t surprise me, I was still a little disappointed in a way. The film left out little quotes that I thought would have enhanced the film, and also an entire character and the relationships others had with said character. I didn’t cry either, which apparently makes me heartless! I don’t know, with TFiOS, the book will always win.

Body of Lies (2008) – I watched this one on a recent trip to Dublin to see Ryan (boyfriend) while we were staying at his Dad’s. To be honest, this film was kind of complicated, or else I was just so tired I couldn’t really focus on the story. Basically, Leonardo di Caprio’s character plays a CIA agent working to capture a terrorist leader in Jordan. The story follows him as he tries to keep both his American supervisors and Jordanian Intelligence happy. It was a good film though and I would definitely watch it again when I’m more focused.

Walking on Sunshine (2014) – I’ll keep this one short and sweet. This was a cringey, cliché-filled film that given the second chance, I would not go to see. I have learned a lesson here though, when a film is said to be a hybrid of two great films, they usually take the crap parts from both. Very disappointed.

Calvary (2014) – This was a film that a guy in college told me was good (in like, April or something, whenever it was still in cinemas). I had gone to see it with Ryan in early May but the screen was full, so we just watched films at home instead. I did get a chance to see it last week with my parents though and bizarre is probably the most accurate adjective to describe it. It is set in Co. Sligo in Ireland and the story follows a parish priest (Brendan Gleeson) who get a death threat in a confession box and the week between hearing this and his apparent death date. It was funny in places, which is probably why I found it slightly uncomfortable to watch seeing as these funny moments were juxtaposed with details and scenes of a darker nature, such as the return of Gleeson’s daughter to Ireland. It was definitely not what i was expecting but it was a pretty good film as Irish films go.

So there are the mini reviews of the films I’ve seen in July. I’m going to see  Ryan in a couple weeks so that practically guarantees more film-watching!

Books-wise, I have begun reading a book that I found on a book review video on Youtube from Essie Button and Sanne from BooksandQuills:

The books I have picked from this video is “The Virgin Suicides” by Jeffrey Eugenides. I’ve heard lots about this book and I’m looking forward to reading  more of it. It is quite a short book at just 250 pages so it is ideal for someone who is just easing back into reading books. You can also follow my progress on Goodreads.com here: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/21527867-laura

If I get on well with this book, I might check out some others from that video, alternatively, you can recommend me a book in the comments section or via Twitter.

Anyway, that’s it for now!

Until next time,



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