I know I’m really really late to the show here, but I feel that I have some things that I have to say, probably a lot that has already been said. Again I’m super late to the show so bear with me.

First of all, let me highlight the title of this post. I cannot say for certain whether or not the things that I am about to discuss are true, however, even if some of what was said has been proven to be false, there is no denying that the accusations are in an abundance. I am, of course, referring to the now not so recent Youtube scandal, involving several well-followed and admired “Youtubers”.

The list of alleged offenders is, to be frank, mind-blowing. But as I only have sufficient knowledge of one of the offenders (in the sense that I have watched a lot of his videos), I can only react accordingly.

Alex Day.

That’s a name I will never see without being forever reminded of  how easy it is for a person to create a façade on the internet. I discovered Day’s Youtube videos about four years ago, while he was still filming the “Alex Reads Twilight” series. I can honestly and a little pathetically say that I have watched about 98%, if not all of the videos he has uploaded from that point onward, and those previous to the Twilight readings.

His content was the sort that I could relate to – this witty, sarcastic guy who enjoyed taking the piss out of everyone and everything. As the stereotypical moody 15 year old that I was, I reveled  in the fact that these silly videos existed. They were something entertaining when the world outside wasn’t. I hit subscribe and that was that.

It’s weird to think that I can map out some of my life just by watching a couple Youtube videos. I could say that in a way, I grew up with Day a little bit. My character changed as did his, but somehow it endured, staying appealing. Then somehow all of these stories come to light. It is crazy to think about; not crazy because they seem untrue, but crazy to see how easily these instances could occur and the fact that it all seems very possible.

Day occasionally uploaded content that ended up being flagged as inappropriate by Youtube or he would upload something of a questionable nature, yet perhaps toned down enough to go under the radar.

More than one person has come forward to say that Alex Day was sexually forceful towards them without their consent. Yes, maybe some of those people did not have a legitimate case, but it was more than one person who came forward, and if this happened once who’s to say it didn’t happen 10,20, 30 time?

His once-housemate Charlie McDonnell ( ) has stated that he knew that Alex had cheated on some of his girlfriends with these other girls. In spite of that, he was equally horrified to hear the stories that have been coming to light as of late.

Honestly, I am disgusted and repelled by it all. Day took advantage of how his audience perceived him, how they admired him. The number of victims is irrelevant in the sense that it should not have happened under any circumstances. It sickens me to think that people in a position such as his abuse their power. He had no right to do things such as that and it is despicable that it has taken so long to come to light. On that note, it must have been terribly difficult for that first person to come forth, and for that, and for all those who followed, I commend your bravery.

One of Day’s recent(ish) videos was about “winning back” Carrie Hope Fletcher- current West End star and fellow Youtube content creator ( ). He is obviously delusional enough to think his life is a film.

In this video (below),  Day portrays himself as a reformed boyfriend “I’m gonna be so much better this time” character. As time would tell, this was most certainly not the case.

It makes me sad to think that the genuine people who are on Youtube  and how Day, along with all of the other accused seem to have ruined the trust within the Youtube community. Viewers put their faith in the content creators in the hope that they will be honest with their audience, even if whatever they show has been edited. Nonetheless, this has turned out to be a naïve misconception.

Regardless of not being a creator in the Youtube community, I feel that as a viewer things have been tainted by this whole scandal. While I hope that the transgressors get punished in some way, shape or form for their actions, I do hope that the community can move past this and learn the important lesson about the dynamics of relations between creators and viewers. This scandal should not be forgotten about, it is NEVER okay for someone to coerce or manipulate you into any sort of situation you don’t want to be a part of.

The post which I found out about all of this can be seen at: 

I wish the very best for the victims of this abuse and for others who have yet to come forward.

I know I have only spoken about Alex Day in this post but if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment.

The community can get past this.

Until next time,